Stretch Film Printing System

The Highlight Stretch Film Printing System prints your message directly onto standard stretch film for improved product identification, tamper evidence, and reduced pilferage.

Your company’s message is easy to customize using flexible rubber type. Three selectable printing programs apply your message on-demand, at top of your load, continuously during wrapping, or on demand with the push of a button.

The standard rubber type is one inch high, and custom type logos can be created. Changing messages and date codes only takes seconds. The special alcohol-based quick-drying ink system will not rub off or transfer to your product. The ink is contained in a disposable ink roll and is easy to change. Estimated ink roll life is 250,000 continuous characters; actual life is dependent on type size, usage, and environment.

The Highlight Stretch Film Printing System is an easy solution for printing on your loads to keep your products safe and identifiable. The system is available on select Synergy and Freedom Stretch Wrapping Systems.


 Stretch Film Printing System

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