Machine Spotlight: Complete Inline System

Highlight builds many custom inline systems and specialized machines to help customers with their specific packaging challenges.


Revolver R36 Orbital Stretch Wrapper, Custom Magnum 4500 SD-R Top and Bottom Case Sealer, Saturn SAS-3600 SS Side Strapping System.


A gear and drive motor manufacturer.

Primary Project Challenge:

Provide an economical and efficient alternative to costly foam-in-place packaging while protecting product and readying it for transit.

Problem Solving Features:

This specialized inline system creates a smooth path for the product to travel down, starting with the Revolver system centering the product and securing it to a corrugated base with stretch film, providing an inexpensive and protective package.

The package then goes to the Magnum case sealer where a case is placed over the product on the corrugated base, and then taped using two bottom tape heads and one top tape head.

The product, now sealed in a case, moves onto a special conveyor that shifts the product to one side to enter the Saturn strapper, which applied three consecutive straps to ensure the product stays in its case. The straps are heat sealed on the side so as to not interrupt the conveyor flow.

Watch the system in action: