Pack Expo 2017 – All Wrapped Up!

That’s a wrap, folks!

PMMI Pack Expo has concluded for the year!

Highlight had a wonderful and productive time at the show, and we hope you did too!

Highlight’s “Highlights” included:

  • Showcasing our new Portable HiLIFE System – for film, equipment and operator monitoring (more details will follow! Stay tuned!)
  • Showing the Voyager System paired with the Stretch Tools App – your personal Packaging Engineers built in to your stretch wrapper, and your mobile device!
  • Collaborating and meeting with numerous suppliers and distributors to continue to improve and build on our service and support lines
  • Meeting with new companies and showcasing Highlight’s stretch wrapping and case sealing capabilities, and providing solutions to improve their current packaging methods
  • And much, much more!

We’d like to thank our amazing team here at Highlight for all of their work; from set-up/tear down, meeting coordination, working the booth and making sure each of our guests were well taken care of.

We’d also like to thank each and every one of our guests at the show – we truly appreciate the time you spent with us, and can’t wait to assist you further with your packaging needs!

If you’d like more information about what systems Highlight had at the show, as well as our technology, click HERE.

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by and exchange information, and you are interested in Highlight’s offerings, email us HERE.

From all of us at Highlight, thanks for a great show, and we’ll see you in Chicago in 2018!


So you are sitting in high school math class studying the  Pythagorean theorem and wondering when am I ever going to use this……. the answer is: whenever you want to sell a stretch wrapper.  In determining how large of a turntable you will require for a particular pallet load, or if the pallet load will clear the machine while wrapping, we use Pythagorean theorem.

We all remember A squared + B squared = C squared.  Of course on your pallets, we do not have an A, B or C so think of it this way.  A = Length, B = Width and C=The load diagonal from one corner to the opposite through the middle of the pallet.  So lets do the math: In our example we will use a length of 48 (A) and a width of 42 (B) to find the diagonal (C).

In our example, it would look like this:

(48 x 48) + (42 x 42) = Diagonal Squared

2304 + 1764 = Diagonal Squared

4068 = Diagonal Squared

Take the square root of 4068, which equals 63.78.  Therefore 63.78 is the diagonal across the pallet and this is the number we would use to determine if the pallet is too large for the machine.

There is thankfully another way, load up the HLI Stretch tools and run the load diagonal program.  Simply put in your length and width and select calculate.  This will return 63.8, nothing could be easier.

load diagonal calculator


Download the Stretch Tools App for iPhone and iPad HERE

and for Android and Google Play devices HERE

Remember to contact us with any questions that you might have or any blogs that you might want to read in the future.  Just email us at





Who is Navin R. Johnson?

If you, like me grew up in the late 70’ and early 80’s you should know.  No, he is not Highlight Industries Director of R&D, or some Silicon Valley Software Engineer.  He is the inventor of Opti-Grab, a fictitious glasses support system in the 1979 movie “The Jerk”.

Navin, like Highlight Industries, was always seeking a better mousetrap.  So what could “Highlight’s Opti-Grab” possibly be? Voyager! Voyager has the ability to determine containment force, analyze film strength, save multiple wrap patterns and track film performance all on a unique film delivery platform that is unmatched in the industry.  This allows for the machine to essentially correct itself regardless of how you try to “trip” it up with adjustments and film changes.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn even more.

But wait there is more…Remember this scene?

On their date, Navin tells Marie (Bernadette Peters), “This is the best Pizza in a Cup ever, this guy’s unbelievable. He ran the old Cup O’ Pizza guy out of business”.  We at Highlight Industries also have the best “Pizza in a Cup”, it is called HiLIFE.  HiLIFE is a film monitoring system to understand all the factors that determine a stretch wrappers efficiency and productivity.  Although many claim to have a comparable system, few can match the accuracy of our monitoring.  Don’t be fooled by the old “Cup O’ Pizza” guys telling you that they can do it all and with a high degree of accuracy.  Our “Pizza in in a Cup”  (Highlight Industries HiLIFE) is a combination advanced algorithms, hi-tech electronics and 35 years of software development.  In fact, most film manufacturers worldwide use Highlight Industries Film Test Stands to determine their film quality and performance characteristics.  Best yet,  HiLIFE is Cloud based so it can be monitored anywhere in the world.  Take our reporting for a test drive here!

We all know that The Jerk is a Rags to Riches to Rags story, but for us it was about writing something fun and hopefully entertaining…..and unlike the original opti-grab, you will not go cross eyed.

Remember, if you have a question about your system hit us up at:

Happy Wrapping!