So you are sitting in high school math class studying the  Pythagorean theorem and wondering when am I ever going to use this……. the answer is: whenever you want to sell a stretch wrapper.  In determining how large of a turntable you will require for a particular pallet load, or if the pallet load will clear the machine while wrapping, we use Pythagorean theorem.

We all remember A squared + B squared = C squared.  Of course on your pallets, we do not have an A, B or C so think of it this way.  A = Length, B = Width and C=The load diagonal from one corner to the opposite through the middle of the pallet.  So lets do the math: In our example we will use a length of 48 (A) and a width of 42 (B) to find the diagonal (C).

In our example, it would look like this:

(48 x 48) + (42 x 42) = Diagonal Squared

2304 + 1764 = Diagonal Squared

4068 = Diagonal Squared

Take the square root of 4068, which equals 63.78.  Therefore 63.78 is the diagonal across the pallet and this is the number we would use to determine if the pallet is too large for the machine.

There is thankfully another way, load up the HLI Stretch tools and run the load diagonal program.  Simply put in your length and width and select calculate.  This will return 63.8, nothing could be easier.

load diagonal calculator


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