Lets talk about “The Sweet Spot”

Lets talk about “The Sweet Spot”

When you think about the “Sweet Spot” what do you think about?

Is it the spot that when you rub your dogs belly, he tries to start a motorcycle with his back leg? ….or is it that perfect dessert to complete a wonderful dinner?

At Highlight Industries, we see things differently.

Since development of the Stretch Film Test Stand

we have continued to learn about film, its characteristics and proper handling of the film while being stretched. Highlight Industries has also learned that film has a sweet spot. In fact, all films have a sweet spot and no two are the same, but they have some similarities.

On the Stretch Film Test Stand, one of our standard tests is the ultimate elongation test:sweet spot graph
In this test we will measure the force to stretch film.

This shows the force (in pounds) that is required to stretch the film (shown in percent stretch). We start with zero stretch, and as we dial up the stretch percentage, we measure the force. This provides a great deal of information, including a major contributing factor to load failures.

When reading the curve you will see a stretch (pun intended) where no more force was required to stretch the film a greater distance. We call that the necking region of the film, and it is very dangerous for pallets to be in this area. What that means is that while your pallet is being jostled in the back of a truck, the load is putting a force on the film therefore your pallets have the ability to stretch the film further. The result is pallets that are not contained properly.

By finding the point where a significant amount of force is required to get increased stretch (maybe looking for a slight incline) that is where the film is becoming stiff and is at its best for pallet containment. That is what we call the Sweet Spot.

Consider it the perfect storm of stretching film, where thickness, stretch and elasticity all meet to take your film and make it better!

Does your stretch wrapper put your film in its sweet spot? Do you know where your films Sweet Spot is?

Keep sending us your questions and we will continue to knock them down. Just email us at answers@highlightindustries.com

Until next time…Happy Wrapping!

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