Year End: 2017

As we come to the year end, reflecting on 2017, it has been a year of change at Highlight Industries.

Just to mention a few:

• We continued to develop our testing lines and offer the easiest-to-operate Transportation Simulator in the industry.  Not to mention it’s measurement system is the most accurate.

HiLIFE continues to evolve as more customers embrace its reporting capabilities. Easily mounted to almost any machine with unparalleled accuracy in it reporting.

•Stretch Wrap Solutions continue to be provided by the truckload (pun intended) as we still build machines others run from.

• Several changes to our standard machines have made them an even better value.

• Highlight continues to rapidly grow in case sealing as you have embraced our case sealing line.

• We also added a new northeast sales manager who is based in New Hampshire. Make sure that you reach out to him if you are in the NE region and need an expert to review your application.  Email Matt:


As we look towards 2018, it appears to be the Chinese calendar’s Year of Highlight.  You can expect to see  more great innovation, perhaps a new machine or two, and expanded machine types.  It will be a busy year for us as we continue to bring service and value to you.  Strap in, this is gonna be a fun ride!

Be safe through the holiday season and be sure to continue reaching out to

Happy Wrapping!

Go Green with Highlight!

We may not have a solution for Global Warming at Highlight Industries but we can play our role!

Recently I sat down with a customer and discussed what his goal is with a project that we were working.  In fact, below is a picture of my notepad from our meeting (I will ask you to look past my Doctor-esque penmanship).

This may not be prioritized but were the top 5 items that the customer stated he would take into account when making his purchasing decision outside of investment in the machine (which kind of rolls with ROI).

As we worked through the list, I wondered how my competition would address this green initiative.  In the past (pre-Highlight Industries days) I would talk about how stretching the film would save money and cut down on waste.  Great story, but there was no real way to put a number on it.  I say pre-Highlight Industries days because, at Highlight Industries, we have tools that accomplish just that.

As part of our commitment to our customers and the environment, we have not only developed machinery that is eco-friendly in many cases but we will work through your application with our ROI tool that will provide you more than just your ROI.  Below are just some snippets of what else we provide:


And last but certainly not least:

So Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Customer, there is a better provider of information out here.  Do not settle for the tired old one page flyer that is more focused on selling the machine for the manufacturer instead providing you clear cut information.  Allow Highlight Industries (the people who understand the “Science of Stretch”) to provide you more complete information that helps you make the right decision.

Give us a call at: 616.531.2464

Or contact us at

Happy Wrapping and Happy Holidays from our team at Highlight Industries!




Things that I am thankful for…..

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes bit on his late night TV show.  At this time of year, doesn’t it feel like everyone should be thinking of saying Thank You for something?

Below is a list of our Thank You cards I would write to the Highlight Industries Stretch Tools App (available in itunes or Google Play)

Thank you COST OF STRETCH FILM PER LOAD CALCULATOR for allowing me to stand with confidence in front of customers and tell then within seconds how much their wrapped pallet should cost them along with ounces per wrap, footage used, pallets per roll and net weight of roll.

Thank you CONTAINMENT FORCE CALCULATOR for actually giving me a start point for containment when my competition just says, “I don’t know, if it doesn’t work, put on more film”.  More is only better when you are talking about gaming on xbox apparently.

Thank you LOAD DIAGONAL CALCULATOR, you allow me to spec in turntable sizes even though I played euchre through High School Algebra and missed the Pythagorean Theorem.

Thank you STRETCH LEVEL CALCULATIONS for giving me 4 different ways to determine how much stretch is being applied to the load.  One is actually a “Smell Test”, what comes to your mind?

And you thought selling packaging was a tough job!

Thank you FILM THICKNESS CONVERSIONS.  It never fails that when I sit in front of customers they talk mils and I talk gauge, or millimeters to micron.  You allow us to speak the same language making life so much easier, and I do not look so silly singing the conversion song.

Thank you 20” vs 30” FILM COMPARISON.  I no longer have to work out the math myself to illustrate how it costs more money to run 30” vs 20” film…..then tie it into determining if the increased speed is worth that added cost.

Thank you FILM ROLL RELATED CALCULATIONS, well, for allowing me to run virtually any other calculation that I could possible run on a roll of film.

Lastly, Thank you Highlight Industries, for not only allowing my nonsense bi-weekly by giving me this forum, but allowing me to look so darn smart while working with my customers.  Thank you for the submissions to the email.  We promise to continue answering them all.  If it serves you best for us to reach out to you, follow this link to a simple contact form and we will reach out to you, or if you have specific project details you would like to share, follow this link to the Introductory Questionnaire.

Until next time, Thank You for reading our blog, to our partners and most of all, the Customers who have trusted us with their Projects!  On Behalf of the Employees of Highlight Industries it is an honor to serve you.

Happy Wrapping!