Things that I am thankful for…..

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes bit on his late night TV show.  At this time of year, doesn’t it feel like everyone should be thinking of saying Thank You for something?

Below is a list of our Thank You cards I would write to the Highlight Industries Stretch Tools App (available in itunes or Google Play)

Thank you COST OF STRETCH FILM PER LOAD CALCULATOR for allowing me to stand with confidence in front of customers and tell then within seconds how much their wrapped pallet should cost them along with ounces per wrap, footage used, pallets per roll and net weight of roll.

Thank you CONTAINMENT FORCE CALCULATOR for actually giving me a start point for containment when my competition just says, “I don’t know, if it doesn’t work, put on more film”.  More is only better when you are talking about gaming on xbox apparently.

Thank you LOAD DIAGONAL CALCULATOR, you allow me to spec in turntable sizes even though I played euchre through High School Algebra and missed the Pythagorean Theorem.

Thank you STRETCH LEVEL CALCULATIONS for giving me 4 different ways to determine how much stretch is being applied to the load.  One is actually a “Smell Test”, what comes to your mind?

And you thought selling packaging was a tough job!

Thank you FILM THICKNESS CONVERSIONS.  It never fails that when I sit in front of customers they talk mils and I talk gauge, or millimeters to micron.  You allow us to speak the same language making life so much easier, and I do not look so silly singing the conversion song.

Thank you 20” vs 30” FILM COMPARISON.  I no longer have to work out the math myself to illustrate how it costs more money to run 30” vs 20” film…..then tie it into determining if the increased speed is worth that added cost.

Thank you FILM ROLL RELATED CALCULATIONS, well, for allowing me to run virtually any other calculation that I could possible run on a roll of film.

Lastly, Thank you Highlight Industries, for not only allowing my nonsense bi-weekly by giving me this forum, but allowing me to look so darn smart while working with my customers.  Thank you for the submissions to the email.  We promise to continue answering them all.  If it serves you best for us to reach out to you, follow this link to a simple contact form and we will reach out to you, or if you have specific project details you would like to share, follow this link to the Introductory Questionnaire.

Until next time, Thank You for reading our blog, to our partners and most of all, the Customers who have trusted us with their Projects!  On Behalf of the Employees of Highlight Industries it is an honor to serve you.

Happy Wrapping!




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