Go Green with Highlight!

We may not have a solution for Global Warming at Highlight Industries but we can play our role!

Recently I sat down with a customer and discussed what his goal is with a project that we were working.  In fact, below is a picture of my notepad from our meeting (I will ask you to look past my Doctor-esque penmanship).

This may not be prioritized but were the top 5 items that the customer stated he would take into account when making his purchasing decision outside of investment in the machine (which kind of rolls with ROI).

As we worked through the list, I wondered how my competition would address this green initiative.  In the past (pre-Highlight Industries days) I would talk about how stretching the film would save money and cut down on waste.  Great story, but there was no real way to put a number on it.  I say pre-Highlight Industries days because, at Highlight Industries, we have tools that accomplish just that.

As part of our commitment to our customers and the environment, we have not only developed machinery that is eco-friendly in many cases but we will work through your application with our ROI tool that will provide you more than just your ROI.  Below are just some snippets of what else we provide:


And last but certainly not least:

So Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Customer, there is a better provider of information out here.  Do not settle for the tired old one page flyer that is more focused on selling the machine for the manufacturer instead providing you clear cut information.  Allow Highlight Industries (the people who understand the “Science of Stretch”) to provide you more complete information that helps you make the right decision.

Give us a call at: 616.531.2464

Or contact us at Answers@hli.com

Happy Wrapping and Happy Holidays from our team at Highlight Industries!




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