Year End: 2017

As we come to the year end, reflecting on 2017, it has been a year of change at Highlight Industries.

Just to mention a few:

• We continued to develop our testing lines and offer the easiest-to-operate Transportation Simulator in the industry.  Not to mention it’s measurement system is the most accurate.

HiLIFE continues to evolve as more customers embrace its reporting capabilities. Easily mounted to almost any machine with unparalleled accuracy in it reporting.

•Stretch Wrap Solutions continue to be provided by the truckload (pun intended) as we still build machines others run from.

• Several changes to our standard machines have made them an even better value.

• Highlight continues to rapidly grow in case sealing as you have embraced our case sealing line.

• We also added a new northeast sales manager who is based in New Hampshire. Make sure that you reach out to him if you are in the NE region and need an expert to review your application.  Email Matt:


As we look towards 2018, it appears to be the Chinese calendar’s Year of Highlight.  You can expect to see  more great innovation, perhaps a new machine or two, and expanded machine types.  It will be a busy year for us as we continue to bring service and value to you.  Strap in, this is gonna be a fun ride!

Be safe through the holiday season and be sure to continue reaching out to

Happy Wrapping!

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