The most mis-applied machine made – Case Erectors

There is no doubt that Case Erectors are a necessity to automating your business, but they are so often mis-applied. And to make matters worse, not even the person who sold them in most cases even knows that.  In their defense, after over 20 years of being trained by people who are “Industry Experts” in most cases they know no better.

Just a few months ago, I was standing in the exhibit hall at the PMMI 2017 Show in Las Vegas and having this conversation with multiple people.

Here is the typical conversation:

Customer: I need a case erector, do you make those?

Highlight Industries Rep (HLI): We do, tell me about the application.  How would you like to use it?

Customer: I want to make boxes.

HLI: I understand, how will the erector operate in your business?

This is where it gets really interesting because the conversation is going one of two ways at this point.

Option 1 Customer: I want to put it in my plant and make boxes that I will have stacked and delivered to my packaging area for shipping products to customers.

Option 2 Customer: I want to place it inline with my conveyor and use an on demand photo eye system to replenish the boxes that are being conveyed to my packaging area to ship product to my customer.

I want to handle these in reverse order if you will allow this indulgence.

HLI to Option 2 customer: Great response as you truly understand the benefit of a case erector and might I add at a level higher than most people who sell them.  Lets discuss how Highlight Industries can help you.

HOWEVER, the option 2 customer is rare because packaging sales people, the “Industry Experts”, have let them down and as mentioned above, have not provided the proper use of an automatic erector and explained its benefits.  In fact, the only level of expertise these types of sales people have is “Expert Order Takers”.

Now, HLI to the Option 1 Customer: Lets discuss the usage of the people and machinery.  You may invest $30,000+ on a new erector and place it in the corner of your plant and be happy with the results that you get having a person stack the 10 cases per minute that you may get at that price OR Consider putting that person to work incorporating a $5000 solution into your business.  Sure it will save you $25,000 of investment but, you can’t take it with you! The important part is that the person that you paid to stack the boxes is now able to semi-automatically erect boxes at a rate of approx. 15 cases per minute.  MEET THE 2300-BFF.

Lets examine the benefits of the BFF vs. the benefits of the regular Erector.

  • Benefit of the BFF
    -Starts at $4995
    -Runs ~15 cases / min
    -Easy to set up (15 Secs) and use
    -Available in a Random Version
  • Benefits of Erector
    -Who needs extra money anyway?
    -You will get about 10 cases so it will allow you to run your -investment longer increasing familiarity.
    -Your setup people and operators will feel very smart oncethey learn how operate the erector
    -Available in Semi Random for BIG $$$

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Happy Wrapping…….and erecting!

Section 179: How YOU can save money!

New Tax Laws just made your job easier!

The Section 179 deduction has been increased for 2018!  This means you can deduct the full purchase price of new or used Highlight equipment from your gross income.  Check with your tax legal adviser on how this will affect your business.

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