Pallet Containment and Product Damage

Are you playing the Roulette Wheel of Pallet Containment!?

Load integrity continues to be the challenge to companies wrapping pallets.

USDOT Title 49 Section 393.102  is the stabilization of pallets for overland shipments regulation in the United States.

HIGHLIGHT INDUSTRIES can create patterns that conform to those regulations and provide you the assurance that you are meeting guidelines established for “SAFE SHIPPING”.  The bureau of Transportation stats tell us that Truck shipments are up from 2012 ($11,011 Billion) to 2015 ($11,718 Billion) and are expected to continue to grow.

With up to .1% of product damage from poor containment being the average, what percentage were you of the (2012) $110.11 Billion or (2015) $117.18 Billion and how much do you want to gamble in the future (2045 estimate) $187.35 Billion?  These numbers also do not take into account your added costs of replacing shipments to your customer, or worse yet REPLACEMENT customer acquisition costs.

If not Contact us at and we will walk you through Synergy Solutions giving you the assurance that the odds will be in your favor.



HiLIFE – Synergy Solutions

It may not be the meaning of the painting, but time feel like it is slipping away from you?

We have all been there, you are working later and later and still as you close your computer, there is a host of items still in your head that are now going to become tomorrow’s priority.  Meanwhile you spend more and more money wrapping your pallets due to not having the hours needed to confirm that you are doing things affordably and most importantly safely.

Highlight Industries has developed the Synergy Solutions to assist in creating your specifications.  It is a simple, yet proven,  4 step process that will allow you to take some things off of your plate.

Step 1 – Evaluate.  Look at what you are doing currently.  Survey the machine, film and pallet to determine what the problem area is.

Step 2 – Create.  This phase is the development of a recipe for your application.  How to wrap your loads (machine configuration), and what film to use, how to apply it and where to apply it to get the best wrapped load.

Step 3 – Test. Using the Highlight Industries Transportation Simulator we can determine if your would survive the journey intact and free of damage.

Step 4 –  Maintain.  Simply put, think of this as your safety net.  It will assure you that your set up is not changed, and should it be, you will be notified.  Additionally, it can make you aware of impending machine problems as a result of monitoring the process.  HiLIFE also features full reporting to provide your end users.

Best of all, using HiLIFE allows you to collect your pallet data and can provide tremendous usage, uptime and containment reports.

So stop worrying about your machinery and performance, go off to fight other windmills, Highlight Industries, using the Science of Stretch, has got you covered.

Until next time…Happy Wrapping.