Pallet Containment and Product Damage

Are you playing the Roulette Wheel of Pallet Containment!?

Load integrity continues to be the challenge to companies wrapping pallets.

USDOT Title 49 Section 393.102  is the stabilization of pallets for overland shipments regulation in the United States.

HIGHLIGHT INDUSTRIES can create patterns that conform to those regulations and provide you the assurance that you are meeting guidelines established for “SAFE SHIPPING”.  The bureau of Transportation stats tell us that Truck shipments are up from 2012 ($11,011 Billion) to 2015 ($11,718 Billion) and are expected to continue to grow.

With up to .1% of product damage from poor containment being the average, what percentage were you of the (2012) $110.11 Billion or (2015) $117.18 Billion and how much do you want to gamble in the future (2045 estimate) $187.35 Billion?  These numbers also do not take into account your added costs of replacing shipments to your customer, or worse yet REPLACEMENT customer acquisition costs.

If not Contact us at and we will walk you through Synergy Solutions giving you the assurance that the odds will be in your favor.



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