At every show there is always one guy in a booth who customers come back to see. Year after year, customers stop by to catch his contagious passion and excitement for his products.  

At Highlight Industries, Ryan Nowak has filled that role.  His training on case sealing equipment have become a thing of legend as he weaved his way through various components, and the method behind his madness when it came to design.  With a thirst for knowledge, and covering a span of over 20 years with us, Ryan became an expert regarding all Highlight Industries machinery.  Designing machinery in engineering during the day, and helping assembly at night, it appeared as though he was our version of the energizer bunny.

For the last few years, Ryan has been fighting a much different battle than that of the daily packaging wars.  While he went through various surgeries and treatments, he continued with his strong work ethic and a smile on his face always encouraging those around him. It was an incredible strength to witness.

On April 3rd, Ryan passed away. To all of us who were lucky enough to know him in his too short time with us, we have been forever changed.  We will always look back with fondness of memories made and move forward with his examples on how to live life to the fullest. 

Ryan, we love you and will miss you, but know that in our hearts through your strength and determination, and the legacy you’ve left at Highlight, you will be forever Immortal.


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