Thirty Eight Years

What does 38 years get you?

Recently Highlight Industries celebrated 38 years in business. 
Taken directly from our website:

”In the basement of Kurt and Karen Riemenschneider’s Grandville, Michigan home, a small idea was beginning to grow. This idea was to create a unique and superior line of stretch wrap equipment. At the age of 31, Kurt received his first patent for his invention called the “Highlight Handwrapper.” With patent in hand, Kurt decided to enter the industrial packaging machinery field.”

Humble beginnings started the most progressive; science based stretch wrapper company in the industry.

So what does 38 years get you?

These are just a few of the many solutions that we provide.

But let’s answer the question.  What does 38 years get you? Solutions that are fact based and tested against science.

You see, it is not that Kurt started with his patent all those years ago; it is that our company was formed out of innovation and need.  While others talk about number of patents, inventions and who did what first, HIGHLIGHT INDUSTRIES has always focused on innovations that meet you at your need.

Lastly and more importantly, we back up all of our solutions using science as the guide.

Do you want to know how? 

Do you have an impossible application? 

Having trouble identifying why your pallets fail in transit?

Contact us and we will engage in finding your solution!

Pictured: Kurt with our Revolver Specialist Rich Lamos in 1984

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