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The Voyager Guidance System at Pack Expo

Highlight Industries is pleased to announce the arrival of

Voyager Guidance System

At PACK EXPO 2014!

At Highlight we believe in performance, reliability, and state of the art technology.  This is why we’re excited to introduce the Voyager Guidance System; the world’s first intelligent stretch wrapping solution.

The Voyager Guidance System reduces product damage and film waste using the same formulas found in Highlight’s Stretch Tools app.  An automatic wrapping pattern creation system recommends a containment force based on the characteristics of the load and how it will be transported to its final destination.  The created patterns can then be fine tuned and saved to ensure maximum efficiency, product safety and film performance.

Highlight has over 25 years experience developing better tools for stretch wrapping and understanding product protection.  The Voyager Guidance System is the newest innovation from Highlight, using intelligent technology to combine film application and load containment for maximum productivity.

Voyager Guidance System

Visit Highlight Industries at booth N-5547
to experience The Voyager Guidance System!